Ok, it’s time to take the plunge and do something I’ve wanted to do for years but been too afraid to try.  There are many things that can be intimidating, but one biggie for me is letting people see some of the things I’ve written or created.  However, that’s not entirely true all of the time. It seems when I meet someone and I feel a common kindred spirit there is a need to share deeper sides of me, if I feel it will help them in their brokenness.  I have met more than a few really broken people.

A precious friend once prayed over me saying, “Dear God, please break her heart so you can make it new.”  When I asked why she would pray such a thing she replied, “If you don’t know you are broken, He can’t fix you.”  Much of what you will find here comes from my brokenness or that of someone I have known or loved.

This is all new to me so there may not be any rhyme or reason to the order of these posts; it may just be as I find courage to share my work.  My goal is not to just posterize my poetry  or stories, but to try to tell the story behind them; to tell you why or how I came to write a given work.  Hopefully you won’t be too bored and maybe you will even laugh or cry with me.

To date I have been published in an anthology called “Seasons To Come”, a compilation of winning entrants of a poetry contest produced by The National Library of Poetry.  I think I’ll save that one for a while.