Have you ever been the person waiting in a busy Department of Motor Vehicle parking lot, while your “I didn’t think it would make a difference” friend stands in line for a driver’s license praying they won’t really need her birth certificate or the paper copy of her social security card.  After all she could tell them her date of birth and her social security number.  Surely they wouldn’t think she just made it up and she did have a utility bill with her name and address on it! 

So why would I wait, why would I put up with her whining? What would make me even care whether or not she got a driver’s license?  Some said I was a sucker for punishment, others said I was a champion for the underdog.  The truth more likely (in this situation) . . .  I was tired of being her unpaid taxi, two months was enough.  Now all I could think of was getting home, grabbing my swim suit and towel and finding the nearest beach.  Early August on the Jersey Shore could be brutal, especially sitting in a hot car with no air conditioning!  Thirty minutes turned into sixty and before long, frustration and boredom (with all the red tape I knew was involved) began to make my fingers itch for pen and paper.  Happy that I always had a yellow lined pad in the car, my mind grabbed a thought and ran amuck with it; every detail flying out the tip of my pen. Hence, PAPER IDENTITY was ‘born’ in the summer of ’91.