Time and space, not intergalactic or outer space

But rather  – Inner Space.

Elements of life, crucial, critical, changeable.

Time passes, space changes, as souls and minds

Move in and around our lives.

If we are to grow, we need to be alert and

Conscious of these changes.

And much like the ‘Serenity Prayer’, we need

The gift of acceptance without the poison of apathy.

Acceptance enriches inner space.

Apathy deadens inner space.

Wisdom broadens acceptance with love, and destiny with

The reality of free will.

Man ought be grateful for the changes time and space bring.

. . . For the opportunities to explore the many reasons

we make the changes we do . . .

. . . For the right and the opportunity to re-evaluate those choices.

Those of us who dare to exercise free will,

And flirt with destiny need more than any to accept

The responsibility of the reality of our choices.

Therefore, may we also have the courage to listen to

The voice of our conscience as bravely as we listen to

The voice of our desire.

If in listening to both, we hear no discord,

Perhaps, we have indeed made the right choices.

If not – may we have the courage to make them – at last.

Copyright April ’83  – Kat