Red velvet bows

Ribbons of pearls in neat draping rows

Ivory Angel atop boughs of deep green

Sprigs of Mistletoe tucked in between

Bright papered packages nestled below

Tiny white lights that twinkle like snow

Silver and red ornaments hung

Next to sugar canes meant for the young

A beautiful, heartwarming sight

To watch . . . as my tears fall all through the night

Those boxes are empty, the candy canes are not real

Everything’s plastic, even the way that I feel

Behind all the smiling, beneath the sweet trap

Lies a river of pain that runs deep and black

Glittery music and great smells fill the air

Only to hide past years of despair

Years filled with secrets and memories to keep

Far from the little ones we read to sleep

The vows that were spoken

Then so easily broken

“Trust”, “Honor”, Commitment to try”

Words with no meaning . . . believing the lie

Year after year

Tear after tear

“Just a little while longer,

Our love will grow stronger”

It was a beautiful thought to hold through the night

It was beautiful . . . It’s now clear out of sight

Alone on this river, both deep and black

Waiting for little ones, grown now, to come back

Looking for someone standing on shore

To hold out a lantern of caring once more

Maybe next year the boxes I’ll fill

Maybe next year the candy canes will be real

Maybe next year . . .The sunshine will rain

On that dark river, so brightly . . . I’ll not feel the pain

. . .  Maybe next year.

Copyrighted 1991 by me under a pen name

The story behind Red Velvet Blues is here.