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I saw you slip away,

To face another day,

In a place, I may not yet know.

It was so strange to watch you go.

I sensed no fear, just sadness,

But, I too felt hope and gladness.

I watched your loved ones gather near

To bid farewell with whispers in your ear.

Although you could not speak, I knew that you could hear.

I saw words of love to your eyes bring tears.

We held your hand and stroked your brow.

We knew not just when, but we did know how,

You’d find your way across the gap

Where at last you could rest in the Saviour’s lap.

Christ’s nail pierced hands released death’s trap.

Those last brief moments, it seemed, you spent

Were filled with peace before you went.

In amazement, I beheld your face,

Suddenly softened by His grace.  As you drew your last breath and left this place,

I could almost hear the Master say . . .

‘Come home my child, you’ve run the race.’

© Pen name – KatRyan  July 1991