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Several years ago . . . over a very profound three-day weekend . . . my understanding of LOVE was intensely sharpened, expanded and nurtured . . . even more so was my faith challenged. 

While purging some old files I came across the following thoughts I had jotted down early in the morning of the last day of that weekend.  They hold as true today as they did that moment . . .


How do I hold on to these precious, intimate moments with you Lord?  This weekend has been a gift from you that I can’t find words to hold.

There are no words sufficient to wrap the gift of Spirit Love you covered me with this weekend.  Finally, I have a baby concept of what this “Fourth Day” thing means.

Three days! Three critical, pain-filled, hope-filled and joy-filled days!  Christ lived them – God blessed them – the Holy Spirit sealed them in my heart.

Now comes the “Fourth Day”, the forever day . . .

How I live it determines how God will use me.  He would that I live it in piety, in holiness, consecrated to serving Him.

He allows that I live it by choice and when I choose to live according to His plan for me and by His commandment, (i.e. that I love my God with all my heart and all my soul and all my mind, loving my neighbor as myself) it glorifies Him, pleases Him, exalts Him and there is joy

When I live my life choosing, purposing, desiring Christ as my hope always, the ‘sometimes’ pain pales against the joy-filled moments in His Love.

Therefore, if I live my “Fourth Day” in this manner, I will be looking for open doors and hungry hearts to share this joyous gift with . . . to share with them the Gospel, The Good News, the Greatest Gift of All, Redemption, Regeneration, and Remembrance. 

Thank you Jesus for paying my sin debt – thank you for the three days you spent tying the bow on my Gift so that as you opened my eyes and prepared my heart to receive it, my “Fourth Day” would be forever with you!

Kathleen Kidder, Daughter of the King ©2008