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If I dream, what may I dream?

If I write, what may I write?

If I love, whom may I love?

If I fight, what may I fight?

My heart and my head held a great debate.

Each studied their points to expound.

Carefully they took note of what each other wrote,

Then sat they down to toss it around.

My heart presented the question of dreams,

My head suggested I replace them with schemes.

“No,” said my heart.  “Would you kill your soul?

On dreams, you can soar, and search out your mind,

To see to what heights your imagination can climb.”

“No,” said my heart.  “Dreams are an essential part of the whole.”

“See here!” said my head.  “With schemes, you can plan.

You’ll know where you’re going because you can see where you’ve been.

With schemes, you never lose sight of the goal.”

“No,” said my head.  “Schemes are the essential part of the whole!”

Then came the question of “what may I write?”

My head jumped in first with power and might!

“You write what will serve you, that which will bring you great wealth and great fame!”

My heart sadly winced, and announced with great pain,

“I’m sorry to say we share the same name!”

“No,” said my heart.  “You write what you feel, and with your pen you take aim.

The well-written word can help win the fight,

But great wealth and great fame won’t make it right.”

Conviction and shame pierced the pride in my head,

The power of Love took over instead.

The question of “whom” was answered by Grace,

With mercy and blessing, He let it flow from heart’s place.

As for the “fight”, the battle’s been won

All that remains is to honor the Son.

– Copyright 2013 by Kathleen J Kidder