Try and try as I may, it seems I cannot write today.
There is hope in my heart for
A peaceful start in the wee hours of birthing
The New Year, but will it stay?
Will the fun and frolic of the “ball watchers”
Fade as the sun comes up?
Will the songs they sing
and the dance they dance
Give way to shouts and screams
As terror strikes with bloody shots
In neighborhoods and faraway places?
Will agenda after agenda
Tear away at our hard-earned freedom
As lofty leaders disguised
In patriotism simply patronize?
Will our children and grandchildren
Ever know the deep value that is honor,
Respect for longevity and ancestry?
We have little time left for love to win
They are destined to define love as sin
And sin as love, love for every so-called cause
If their eyes could but for a moment see
Truth for truth in absolute, and not in relativity.
One day Truth will reign and Love will be truly free.
©2014 –Kathleen J Kidder