Little Mothers and Then . . .

When we were little, our dolls we dressed.
Each of our “Babies” we knew was the “best.”
As we grew older our dollies did too.
There was “Ginny” and “Betsey” and “Barbie” in blue.
There were “Cathys” that chatted and Ballerinas that posed,
And all of them wore the prettiest clothes.
What became of them? Who really knows?
My sister found a “Kroger Doll,” the one with brown hair.
She quickly bought her and photos did share!

Long since our dollies, real babies we had.
When they grew up, we sometimes were sad.
We learned first-hand the meaning of life,
How much our Moms loved us amid all of the strife.
God blessed us with grandparents who, every day,
Would get on their knees and for us, they would pray.
One by one, we gave our hearts to our King,
Jesus, our Savior, and now our hearts sing!

I’m so thankful for friends and family like ours.
Because we know Jesus, He’s healing our scars.
The older we get, the wiser we grow.
And I’m old enough to most assuredly know . . .
Wherever we live, no matter how far,
I wish you love, wherever you are!
Copyright 5/7/2003 Kat (Ryan) Kidder